The Market: premium shopping at the foot of the Titan

Luca de Ambrosis Ortigara, founder of DEA Real Estate Advisor, in the February issue of Retail & Food explains his role of advisor and investor in the project of THE MARKET emphasizing the added value and the elements of continuity and innovation of the future outlet.
The experience gained in the development of major Italian and European outlets” has allowed the company to define “strategic choices for positioning, management and communication, as well as being involved, with a dedicated team, in the letting activity” with the scope to secure a line-up of “major high-end brands, confirming the premium positioning of the outlet“.
Location, the right brand mix and an eco-sustainable architecture“, clarifies the entrepreneur, are key success factors to create a fun and emotional day-off experience, now also supported by a strategic marketing activity. THE MARKET challenges the consumer crisis and the aggressiveness of the e-Commerce channel by offering “innovative contents in terms of services“, tapping on new technologies and digital channels.
THE MARKET, setting itself as a destination outlet, promotes local tourism by strengthening “relationships with international tour operators to increase visitor arrivals and develop an integrated offer with other destinations in the Republic of San Marino and the Adriatic Riviera“.


(Source: Retail & Food – February 2019)